Black Bay Studio sits on the Atlantic shoreline of the Outer Hebrides, a group of islands on the edge of Europe. 


It is the ultimate escape from the day-to-day world, somewhere to lose yourself completely in the experience of making a record, whilst watching the ever changing ocean and tides. 


We've brought together some incredible instruments and equipment, beautifully designed acoustic spaces, comfortable accommodation, with staff who treat making records as a way of life.

The Control Room

35 m²

The meticulously designed control room sounds incredibly balanced throughout. 


It is spacious enough for everyone to comfortably hang out together and the space to perform guitar/bass/keys when tied into the live rooms.


The Cadac J-Series console is the heart of Black Bay and sounds exceptionally warm and open - a real discovery for anyone who isn't familiar with the Cadac sound.

The Live Room

100m² -  5m 

With oak floors, and pitched ceilings the Black Bay live room is something really special.

It has been designed to sound big and open when you want it to, but with an adaptable acoustic both through positioning in the huge space, and using movable treatment.


The space sounds particularly good with acoustic instruments - piano and strings really sing and drums can sound properly massive.

The Dead Room


The dry acoustic space is a big room in its own right at 40 square metres with good sight-lines to the Live Room and Control Room beyond.


It has a very close acoustic thanks to the heavy acoustic treatment, but still sounds balanced.


There's ample space to record a full drum kit and/or multiple musicians and the room also houses our extensive range of vintage, weird and wonderful guitars and backline - all ready to be picked/turned up.

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