At Black Bay, we take Mastering seriously as a creative art, using superb analogue gear and exceptional monitoring. We've mastered countless Albums, EPs and Singles for a huge range of artists and take great pride in getting the very best out of every mix, no matter what that takes.​​​​

free master demo

If you'd like to hear what we can do with your music, please get in touch to arrange a demo Master of a track. 

We happy to do this for free for new customers  


Unlike others, at Black Bay we Master for a flat rate for Album/ EP/Single- we never charge any extras and we're not fussed about counting tracks. 

Our rates include all revisions, radio edits, instrumentals, Mastered for iTunes, CD/DDP, Vinyl premastering - really anything you want.  You pay us when the job is finished and you're completely satisfied.

stem mastering

We also offer our unique take on Stem Mastering - something between a mix and a master where we can really lift every element of a production into something really special, but without changing the intention of the mix.

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